The „Blue Kimono“ is one of iris.h.’s favourite project, which she realised in Silk version.
The pure silk Kimono garment is likewise sewn with lightweight silk  lining.

„The journey is the reward“ so to speak. The life of an artist is hard, an ordeal indeed. But what is far more important is to cultivate a process that systematically concerns itself with the future. At first an original pattern has to be found. A good friend provided us with an original japanese kimono piece to copy. Because at that time the crew were not yet optimally connected to each other .... There was no good Internet connection and other communication means were quite poor. Thereafter, it can without doubt be regarded as an easy task, to sew every single piece together. But the difficult work of seeing to it that the images should not be lost in the stitchings was rendered by an excellent Haut Couture Design seamstress from Switzerland, Marianne. There is no need to say that all of her sewing work of was the highest quality. Finally, iris.h. was free to create her new work of art. 



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